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We at Exquisite Financial Consultants want to provide you with a permanent solution not a temporary oneWe take pride in what we do which is why we only work with 25 new clients every month.

How Our Process Works

We do a complete analysis of your credit reports and create a custom credit repair plan. Then our team which is also you team, starts to remove harmful errors holding back your credit scores. We will also provide you with tools and resources you need to build a positive credit history fast. You will be able to access your case status and updated information 24 hours a day.

You will get a team of professionals that have over 10 years of experience in the dispute process. We enforce your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debit Collections Practices Act. You have rights to dispute any negative information. The bureaus and debit collectors must provide adequate documentation proving that it is valid. They often fail at this simple task. It violates your rights, but we enforce it.

Everything we send out on your behalf is personalized to you and your goals. This program is for people want to get serious results and it is for serious people who want to achieve their goals. In this programs you will receive:

  • Welcome Call

  • Advanced Credit Analysis

  • Custom Credit Repair Plan to Fit You

  • Intense Disputing to ALL Credit Bureaus to Remove Inaccurate, Erroneous, Obsolete & Unverifiable Items Off Your Credit File

  • A Dedicated Account Manager That Will Handle All of Your Disputes

  • 24/7 Access to Your Own Portal to Track Results & View Changes

  • Monthly Updates

  • FREE 24/7 Credit Monitoring

  • Education on Credit & the steps to Take to Achieve Your Goals

  • Help to Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval

  • Budgeting Tips

  • Settlement Negotiations Help

  • Connection with Local Realtors

  • Late Payment Removal

  • Bankruptcy Removal

  • Inquiry Removal

  • Judgement Removal

  • Leverage Your Credit to Get Funding

  • 3 Bureaus Credit Report

  • 180 Money Back Guarantee

  • Identity Theft Insurance Up to $1 Million Dollars

  • And More

The credit analysis usually cost $250

The personalized disputes letters normally cost $125 per letter that needs to be written, which can range from 10-20 letters depending on your situation

It could also cost you $100-$200 per item removed

So you could be looking at a total of $2500-$5000 for everything


We have created this amazing homeownership program that is affordable for everyone!

You can Enroll today for Single individuals $49.99 and then $89.99 a month starting next month; Couples Enroll today $99.99 and then $149.99 a month starting next month this includes credit monitoring, and you can cancel at any time. There are no hidden fees.

If you follow our system you could achieve your credit goals faster than anyone else that shares your situation.

At this point you fall into 1 of 3 categories

Type 1: Ready to get started right away to get my life going click here

Type 2: I have more questions click here

Type 3: I'm not interested in fixing my credit nor do I want to reach my goal click here